The Pumping Principal of Flexible Pump

Flexible pump is the measuring pump using the centrifugal force and makes the vacuum condition pulling the fluid into the pump with the help of methods of rotation of the wings of the Flexible impeller on cam. The operational principal is the method of pushing the fluid out through rotating and the being folded of the wings holding the fluid between the impeller wings. And pumping is possible in lower rpm and controlling the volume of the inlet adhering the Ball Valve to the inlet or the flux of the outlet controlling the rpm.

Operational Principal

  • Sucking in the fluid into the pump vacuuming when the impeller wings passing through the cam.

  • Rotating impeller sends the fluid into the outlet pushing successively the fluid by the wings.

  • The pushing out the fluid into the outlet by the bending of the impeller wings makes the regular and successive flux.

Decision of inlet and outlet

When the axis of the pump rotates clockwise, the inlet is right and the outlet is left. If the axis of the pump rotates counterclockwise ,the inlet is left and the outlet is right(in case that the pump cover is front)

Decision of the rotating direction of the pump

When the pump is operated for the first time, the cooperation between the rotating direction of the pump and the rotating direction of the motor has to be checked. when the rotating direction of the pump is changed, after rotating the axis of the pump one time to the direction you want, the pump has to be operated.

Caution in handling

The fluid temperature is 0℃~100℃ and the performance of the impeller and mechanical seal can be deteriorated in case of the overheated usage.

Please, fix the pipe tightly Keep it short

When the idling time exceed the 30 seconds, the impeller can be burned because of the self-intaking in the middle of the instant sucking in of the flexible pump(in case of 2000rpm for from 2 seconds to five seconds). Idling under 30 seconds can be recommended.

Construction of DonJin Flexible Impeller Pump